5 Seattle movie theaters you need to visit next time you want to see a movie

March 28, 2017



Whether you're looking for a nice spot for a date, trying to catch the latest Oscar-nominated films, or just trying to find popcorn in a theater served with real butter, Seattle has a diverse group of theaters where you can find pretty much anything.

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Here are five theaters in Seattle where the experience goes beyond just catching a movie on a Friday night:

1. Cinerama

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Huge, reserved seats. Local beer, wine, and cider. If you haven’t already seen a movie at Cinerama, you’re missing out. On top of featuring tons of local snacks and drinks, they have rotating displays of cinema costume and items in the lobby. As far as movies go, the single-screen 54-year-old theater has a constantly changing selection of new releases and film festivals that you can reserve seats for well in advance.

2. Admiral Theatre

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A Seattle landmark that’s been showing movies since 1942, the Admiral Theatre in West Seattle is themed like a giant ship, and recently went through huge upgrades and expanded to four screens. The locally owned and operated theater shows the movies you would expect to see anywhere else, but in a cozy and unique environment you don’t get at the big box theaters.  

3. Sundance Cinemas

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Sundance Cinemas in the U. District features the top films, plus limited run movies you often hear about but can’t find a place to watch (especially nice around Oscar season). This place has a full bar that serves drinks in real glassware, as well as an art gallery, because why not? It also features reserved seating for seat with arm rests you don’t have over.

4. Big Picture

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It’s like a speakeasy inside a theater inside a bar! Big Picture is a 21+ theater located underneath El Gaucho in Belltown with a full bar and 100 seats for movie watching. It’s an upscale theater, so while the price of admission is pretty standard ($12.75 for an adult), the bar might set you back a bit more, but sucking down some gin while watching Liam Neeson beat up baddies sounds totally worth it.

5. Ark Lodge Cinemas

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Located in a historic building in Columbia City, Ark Lodge is a two-story neighborhood theater that puts…gasp…real butter on their popcorn like pros. They have one theater called “The Prestige Room” basically created for date nights. Ark Lodge shows a combination of big new releases and smaller indie flicks.