The 5 sunburns you will see at Summer Camp 2017

Look, don't poke.

August 2, 2017

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime


Summer Camp 2017 is going to be H-O-T, so lather up that sunscreen, and try not to end up looking like any of these people.

1. "The Redneck"
No, this doesn't mean the tan-lines of a tight-fitting white tank top. It's that stark contrast between a Summer Camp goer's pasty neck and the skin beneath their hippest, obscure band t-shirt. By far the most prominent burn at any music festival.

2. "Strapped"
I know, that top is super cute, but if you don't wear sun block, you are in for an awkward burn, which is going to look so cool under that strapless bridesmaid's dress you're supposed to wear the next weekend.

3. "The not quite socks, but not quite pants"
This look is all-to known to those of us who want to wear shorts, but hate sandals. It's that one length of exposed skin from the bottom of your shorts to the top of your socks. It's like the most uncomfortable set of skin capris you could ever wear.

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4. "The Old McDonald"
It's a lot like a farmer's tan, but your tan is on fire and you want to cut it off. Oh right, that's a sunburn.

5. "The Chameleon"
These people are like a chameleon that has two settings. Pale and "oh my god why didn't you wear sunscreen?" 

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