5 tweets that sum up growing up in Washington

July 5, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime


If you're from Washington, at least from the west side of the state, you have had this conversation like this 100 times.

PERSON: "Where are you from?"
YOU: "Maple Valley (or any small town), Washington"
PERSON: "Oh where is that?"
YOU: "Seattle. I'm from Seattle."

Being from The Evergreen State has it's perks, and those of us who spent our formative years here know the perks, along with the downsides, of being from the upper left very well. From enduring years (decades, really) of losing sports teams while still proudly wearing the gear to being a 30-minute drive from mountains, coast, forest or city depending on which direction you drive, this is a special place to grow up.

Here are the 5 best tweets that sum up what it's like to grow up in this great state!

1. Every kid who grew up in the early 2000s tried this at least once

2. Seriously. Get it right, people

3. So you wear a super-thin rain jacket with sunglasses, shorts and sandals

4. We all know the other side of the state is beautiful...

5. You probably read it in the voice, too


But at the end of the day, you still know...


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