7 best Summer Camp artist music videos!

Who takes the top spot for best video?

August 6, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime


Summer Camp 2016 is only seven days away, so we have rounded up and counted down the seven best music videos from Summer Camp 2016 artists! Did we miss any?

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7. Kris Orlowski - "Believer"

Yeah, that's a pre-mustached Kris Orlowski, but what makes his video for "Believer" awesome is that it was filmed locally in Anacortes with a bunch of Anacortan (is this a thing?) kids pretending to be super-heroes! 

6. The Wombats - "Give Me A Try"

I don't know what Tinder is like in Liverpool, but I would imagine the video for The Wombat's latest single, "Give Me A Try," sums it up pretty well.

5. Miike Snow - "Genghis Khan"

Austin Powers, meet 50 Shades of Grey, meet James Bond. Miike Snow's video for "Genghis Khan" is a hilarious story of a Dr. Evil-type character's forbidden love for his captive nemesis. It's amazing.

4. Young The Giant - "Silvertongue"

When you hear the song, the first thing you want to do is dance, so obviously the video for Young The Giant's latest, "Silvertongue" is video of people covered in neon paint under a blacklight dancing. 

3. Kaleo - "Way  Down We Go"

We have been obsessed with this live session of Kaleo's "Way Down We Go" that they filmed INSIDE A VOLCANO. When you're in Iceland, that may not seem like a very big deal, mostly because volcanoes are literally everywhere. Even for us PNW-ers who have an active lava-monster in our back yard set to go off, like, yesterday, this is still a dope video.

2. AWOLNATION - "Woman Woman"

Aaron Bruno is really good at getting a lot of people into his music videos. For "Woman Woman," it just happens that the "people" are tons of naked ladies who are strategically covered up with music instruments and effects (don't worry, this is SFW).

1. Big Data - "Dangerous"

File this video under "Unexpected." I won't spoil the surprize, but the plot-line behind what really goes on behind closed-door marketing meetings for new sneakers, plus the twist, makes "Dangerous" by Big Data the top Summer Camp band video!