8 best pictures from Summer Camp 2015

8 more days, 8 great pics

August 5, 2016

We are eight days away from #SummerCamp2016! We are counting down each day we get closer to the big two-day event with some of our favorite memories and things about Summer Camp!

Here are our 8 favorite photos from Summer Camp 2015:

1. Some very excited people (and one not-so-excited-person) getting selfies with Gregr!

Photo by Mike Savoia

2. The eventual "crowd-surf to the front and get returned to the back" people were out in full force.

3. Oh, but when the band does it it's cool?!

4. When The Orwells do it, it's fine, but when I show MY butt to thousands of people I get in trouble...

5. No booty, but daaaaang that Matt & Kim set was good.

6. Like, balloon drop, glow-sticks and jump-around good. 

7. That time we learned that Robert DeLong is actually a robot...

8. We might think we are cool, but are we Manley sitting around a campfire with Saint Motel cool?

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