About that Summer Camp forecast...

August 11, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime


It's been a little gloomy around the PNW lately, which has left everyone wondering, "Is summer over early?" and "Am I going to need to get one of those doofy umbrella hats* for Summer Camp?"

We had our resident meteorologist weather team, Tangerine, give us the weekend weather outlook.

Yeah, don't worry about those hats. 

The weekend forecast looks excellent for all of us Summer Campers. The always reliable, never inaccurate weather.com says we are looking at a high of 87°F on Saturday and 83°F on Sunday (if you are Canadian and don't do farenheit, it's like, moose poop warm).

Make sure to bring a pair of shorts and sunglasses because it is going to be H-A-W-T hot when you are getting down to Big Data, Young The Giant, Barns Courtney and the crew.

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*If you bring me one of these, I will ask you how you got so fly and if I can be your best friend and pal around with you all Summer Camp. You have been warned.