After three singles, Barns Courtney releases full EP 'The Dull Drums'

February 16, 2017

With just three songs out in the digital world, Barns Courtney was able to garner plenty of attention. Now, more than a year since we first heard "Fire" on the radio, Barns Courtney has released his first five-song EP The Dull Drums, which you can stream below.

Barns Courtney is taking his career to new heights and trying to soak it all in

The new EP includes the three songs we have already heard (Fire, Glitter & Gold, Hands), as well as two more that I was fortunate enough to hear live during his solo show at Chop Suey in Seattle last year. The additional songs are his introspective "Little Boy" and the haunting, boot-stomping "Hellfire."

The bluesy singer spent his formative years split between Seattle and England and is known for beating up on his rosewood Martin during his solo shows, which he carries with his confident stage presence and charisma.

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