All the new music we expect to hear in 2018: Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Pearl Jam, Twenty One Pilots and more

December 21, 2017

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2017 was a pretty OK year for music, but we’re expecting 2018 to be even better.

Last year, we thought we’d get new Arctic Monkeys, new Vampire Weekend, new Killers and a few more. We got the first two wrong, but we definitely think they’ll put out music this year.

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This is what the resident music expert, Manley, has to say about 2018:

  • Bands I know that are making new music and I can’t wait to play for you -  Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats/ Arctic Monkeys/ The 1975
  • Bands I hope are making new music that I can’t wait to play for you sometime next year -  Muse / 21 Pilots / Pearl Jam.
  • Bands you might not know about yet but I want to introduce you to in 2018 - Moose Blood / ONR / Bones

Here are a few things we think we’ll get in 2018:

Arctic Monkeys (for real this time)
Last year it really looked like a new Arctic Monkeys album was coming. It didn’t. Such is life. 2018 seems like a lock for a new AM record, though, as it’s basically been confirmed by bassist Nick O’Malley.

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Pearl Jam (rumored)
2018 will mark five years since getting an album of new material from the hall of famers Pearl Jam, but we already know they plan to tour in 2018 and rumors have been swirling on how far along a new project might be. Stone Gossard has indicated that the band is writing new material, but we don’t have a timeline just yet. If not 2018, my money is on an early 2019 release.

Pearl Jam Albums, Ranked

Vampire Weekend (for real this time)
Swing and a miss on prediction number two in 2017, but 2018 looks promising again for Vampire Weekend’s new album titled Mitsubishi Macchiato. Koenig recently said via Twitter the album is 80% done, but the final 20% is the hardest. We’ll see if he can overcome the final hurdle in the new year.

The 1975 (confirmed)
New music from The 1975 is coming June 1. Whether that’s an album or a new single, that’s yet to be told. The new album is going to be called Music for Cars and is going to be more socially and politically-motivated, according to lead singer Matty. The last record from the English band came in 2016 to mostly positive reviews, so whether or not the new content focus will be a departure from the previous sound will be interesting to see.

Twenty One Pilots (rumored)
Yes, them. After a massive two years for the band, they closed out their tour (and 2017) with cryptic messaging and graphics that appear to show an eye closing. A secret way of closing down shop for the year or teasing a new record? We aren’t sure yet, but rumors are swirling about a possible collaboration with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, who has been busy in the songwriting game lately…

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Muse (rumored)
Manley might be (and probably is) on to something. They released a one-off single, “Dig Down,” in 2017 and have said they hope to release a new album in late 2018, but nothing is certain yet. You can expect to hear more music before any sort of announcement, though, according to lead singer Matt Belamy.

“Even though the overall album will be a long wait some of the songs are going to be available way ahead of that,” Belamy said in an interview with Radio X.

Vance Joy (confirmed for February)
Straight from the mouth of the Aussie himself, we know Vance Joy’s sophomore release is due in February and is titled Nation of Two. We heard his first two singles from the new effort already including “Lay It On Me” and “Like Gold.”

What else are you excited to hear in 2018?

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