All the tourist attractions in Seattle that locals should actually do

September 27, 2017


Seattle is rich with history and iconic art, locations, landmarks, views, and geography that makes its way into the background of any national sports broadcast or TV show/movie that is set here. Fish get thrown in the background and helicopter shots of the Space Needle get shown so you know you're really in Seattle.

I have lived in Seattle for a few years at this point and have seen a lot, but I wanted to know, what are the places that us locals tend to dismiss as a tourist trap that are actually worth your time.

Ferry out to West Seattle and grab a bite

Alan knows what's up. Marination is a great spot to grab a bite and it's made even better with a short water taxi ride over the bay. Not a lot of places have the geographical features nor the delicious food that makes that kind of trip possible, so soak it up.

Pike Place Market

The market is a headache. I know. But take a non-weekend trip to the public market without someone who is just there to do some sight-seeing and you will find deals on food, drinks, and all sorts of other farmers market wares. Also, the brand new expansion to the market is awesome and will be even better once the viaduct is gone.

Brewery Tours

Go see where/how your beer is made, then drink the beer. You don't have to be from out of town to enjoy the great beer that gets made here in town.

The Underground Tour
See the city under the city. The Underground Tour takes you into the buried history of old Seattle that burned down in 1889. The guides are hilarious and you learn a lot as you wander around underneath one of the oldest parts of The Emerald City.

The Fremont Troll

I rode the bus past this thing every day for over a year and never stopped to appreciate the troll up close. Not only is this an awesome spot to take your friends who are visiting, it's still a great spot in Fremont to hang out and people watch. 

Feed the wildlife junk food

Sure, you can do this.

Columbia Tower Observatory

The End studios just moved in across the street from the Columbia Tower and the views up there are spectacular the first time you go up and also every time after that. There's also a Starbucks that is open to the public on the 40th floor if you want to take your coffee with a view.

Gas Works Park

People flock to Gas Works because of its role in 10 Things I Hate About You, but Gas Works is more than a bunch of old, rusty, gasification plant structures towering at the north end of Lake Union. The park has stunning views of Seattle sunsets, big parties for the Fourth of July and Seafair, and you don't have to go that far to "get away" in the city. 

Where else in the city can both tourists and locals appreciate? 

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