Alternative Election: Semifinal candidates face tough test

October 17, 2016

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And then there were four. 

After two weeks of intense campaigning and voting in the Alternative Election, you have whittled the field of 16 candidates down to the final four who are still vying for the spot of best fictional president ever portrayed. Only Jed Bartlet (The West Wing), Thomas J. Whitmore (Independence Day), Frank Underwood (House of Cards), and James Marshall (Air Force One) are still in the running for the final round.

Here's what each candidate is up against in the semifinals this week:

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Jed Bartlet (The West Wing) vs. Thomas J. Whitmore (Independence Day)

This. Is. Tough. President Bartlet is still one of the greatest presidents ever to grace television. Martin Sheen was already a legend by the time he played Bartlet in The West Wing, but his role as the "most popular Democratic president in recent memory," according to many critics, got him nominated for six Emmys.

On the other hand, Bill Pullman's portrayal of Thomas J. Whitmore looked an alien straight in the face and gave him the "we do not negotiate with terrorists, especially alien terrorists. also holy balls, Aliens," talk. That's badass. Armed with a few F-18s and one fully-loaded Will Smith, Whitmore gave one of the best speeches of all time before literally saving the world. Pullman might not have the acting chops that Sheen has, but the choice is tough in this semifinal round.

My prediction: Bartlet

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James Marshall (Air Force One) vs. Frank Underwood (House Of Cards)

The second semifinal matchup is a classic example of ultimate good against pure evil. Han Solo/Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford plays James Marshall in Air Force One, when a bunch of Russian terrorists led by Gary Oldman take control of the plane with a ton of hostages, including Marshall's family. They think he gets away in an escape pod but instead, he stays on board to kill the bad Russians and save his family. It's pretty dope. Kevin Spacey might be the best actor of all time (K-PAX amirite?) and we all secretly hate-love Frank Underwood in House Of Cards. Like, we don't want him to kill Pete Russo, but we also get it. Sure, we want Claire as the First Lady more than we want the son of Satan to lead the country, but that's pretty much how the actual election is going too, right?

This is the matchup between two guys who would let absolutely nothing stand in the way of getting what they want, even if it includes killing people. Underwood barely squeaked past Selina Meyer from Veep in the last round, but I think he could take the semifinal by storm.

My prediction: Underwood

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The End’s Alternative Election is in no way a substitute for voting in the real elections. Duh! So be sure to take full advantage of your right to vote in this year’s elections and have your voice heard. Register today! The End’s Alternative Election is supported by Heritage Distilling Company.