Alternative Election Update: Frank Underwood about to get ousted by Veep

October 14, 2016

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The quarterfinal voting in the Alternative Election closes on Sunday and some races are close, while others are all but put to bed.

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With three days to vote, here's how each candidate is polling so far:

President Bartlet (The West Wing) - 66% vs. President Camacho (Idiocracy) - 33%

The primaries were good to President Camacho, but the experience and level head of President Jed Bartlett seem to be prevailing among undecided voters. Bartlett leads by a very wide margin, with nearly two-thirds of the vote. If Camacho is to make a big comeback, he might need to step up the ads in battleground states and answer for years of drought he presided over during his terms. This looks like a clear victory nearly in the bag for President Bartlet. 

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Class President Pédro (Napoleon Dynamite) - 39% vs. President Whitmore (Independence Day) - 61%

I would guess that voters are disillusioned by the innocence and positive outlook promised by Pédro Sanchez. His running mate Napoleon Dynamite has worked hard on his behalf, but voters are no longer excited by his simple, once-effective "Vote For Pedro" campaign. On the other hand, President Whitmore's war record against the alien invasion of 1996 has already secured him 61 percent of the vote. Apparently killing aliens is good for your numbers. Go figure. This one looks to be already wrapped up.

Vote for Pédro Vote for Whitmore

President Marshall (Air Force One) - 71% vs. President Palmer (24) - 29%

President Marshall is leading his ballot by the widest margin of any matchup so far. While collecting plenty of sympathy votes after the harrowing hijacking attempt of Air Force One, Marshall is quietly picking up votes based on his foreign policy and good looks. Also, people think they are voting for Han Solo, a fact Marshall is sure to be happy to take advantage of. Count on seeing Marshall in the next round against the winner of Meyer/Underwood.

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President Meyer (Veep) - 53% vs. President Underwood (House Of Cards) - 47%

Despite Frank Underwood's dirty, mud-slinging campaign against the inexperienced Meyer, the former Vice President running for reelection has a slight lead over the Georgian Senator-turned-Vice President-turned President. This is the closest race of all, though. No doubt Underwood still has a few tricks up his sleeve and could, coerce...uh...I mean convince a few more voters to join his camp, but Meyer hasn't backed down yet and could squeak through to the next round if she can stay above the dirt generated by the Underwood campaign. 

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The End’s Alternative Election is in no way a substitute for voting in the real elections. Duh! So be sure to take full advantage of your right to vote in this year’s elections and have your voice heard. Register today! The End’s Alternative Election is supported by Heritage Distilling Company.