The Alternative Holiday Shopping List

What to get for the alternative loving person in your family

November 22, 2017

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Holiday shopping can be hard, especially when anyone you are buying for can get anything they want in just two clicks on the ol' Amazon.

With the vastness of the internet and all the things you can buy, here are a few things we here at The End recommend you get for your more unique, alternative, hipster, or just plain picky relatives this holiday season.

For the nerds
Gregr - "It's a tie between one of those rad NASA themed jackets the US Snowboarding teams will wear in Korea this winter or the incredible looking voyager recordings that were pressed to vinyl to celebrate a gazillion years of some tiny craft whizzing around our solar system and beyond. Or a lightsaber - a real one... that can I can give Manley haircuts with..."

For the music lover

For the sports fan
Steven - I would like my 1995 Mariners My Oh My! VHS converted to some sort of digital format (because who has a VCR these days?) so that when baseball season rolls around I can put it on and pretend that Seattle has a good team. Also, the Seattle Supersonics. I will have those as well, please.

For your cat
You know you want to

For Manley
Four words - Pow Pow Power Wheels. I’ve been asking for one of these since I was about 5, why stop now?

For Cody
A brew your own Zima kit... or a classic WWF (late 80s into late 90s) championship so I can walk around in my underwear with purpose! 

Ok, Cody.

What else is on your holiday shopping list?

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