#AlternativeElection: Air Force One takes firm lead into the weekend over Independence Day

October 28, 2016


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OK, let's talk about politics for a second. It's pretty much a given that this is the second-most insane presidential election of all time (I still think that 1828 Jackson-Quincy campaign takes the cake). What's even more insane is that we have to sit through this for another two weeks. Even with the end in sight, that feels like an eternity.

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The #AlternativeElection, on the other hand, will have a winner on Monday, which means you have until SUNDAY NIGHT TO VOTE. It's down to President James Marshall, played by Harrison Ford in the movie Air Force One alongside Gary Oldman, and President Thomas J. Whitmore, played by Bill Pullman in the movie Independence Day alongside Will Smith.

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Going into the weekend, it looks like Marshall has the edge on Whitmore and might be able to pull it off, but I wouldn't count out a Whitmore resurgence just yet. The guy saw every major city in the United States demolished and still destroyed the aliens that did it. That's resilience (even though he never ordered those cities to be evacuated despite being told numerous times to do so). 

Marshall is going into the weekend with a 20 percent lead over Whitmore. 

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So who gives the better speech? Watch the two candidates give rousing speeches below, then vote before Monday when the final votes are tallied!

President Whitmore

President Marshall