Apple officially kills the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano

July 27, 2017

iPod is dead. 

Ok, not really, but the last of the real iPods, the Nano and the Shuffle, are officially no longer in Apple stores around the country and that means you're left with the iPod Touch, A.K.A. the iPhone without the phone part.

Gone are the days of being an absolutely INSANE madman and putting your music on without knowing what would come next. One moment you're walking home from the bus jamming to Death Cab and all of the sudden System of a Down is blaring through your ear buds (remember when earbuds had cords?).

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Also gone are the days of the nano, scroll wheels, weird-shaped touch screens, dancing silhouettes, playing brick on a tiny screen, and those weird-shaped apps that came with the most recent generation, though I never knew anybody that actually owned one of those.

You can pick up a Shuffle at a going rate of $20 a piece on Craigslist for now, until they become "vintage" and start getting jacked up as they become harder to find.

We'll miss the scroll wheels and the colors and the gamble that was putting your iPod on shuffle. Times were more simple, tech was a lot cuter and a lot less scary (Artificial Intelligence can go ahead and stop now).

It makes sense for Apple to put a stop to these iPods, but I won't put a stop to feeling nostalgic about it. At least we got that early access to iPhone 8. ;)

Guys, I think I just found the leaked iPhone8. --

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