Artist Profile: Tangerine taking the best of the West Coast sounds

July 28, 2016

Photo courtesy of Tangerine

If you have had the dial (or the fancy digital buttons) tuned to 107.7 The End for the month of July, you have probably heard the sweet tunes of Tangerine melodically sailing through your speakers at least once or twice.

What's new on the Locals Only playlist?

Tangerine, made up of sisters Miro and Marika Justad along with their friend who they met at EMP's Sound Off, Toby Kuhn. The Seattle-born-and-raised trio plays what they call "West Coast Music," with melodic harmonies and reverbial guitar combined to create a blend of not quite California, not quite Seattle indie rock.

You can see Tangerine live on Saturday, August 13 at Summer Camp 2016. Tickets are available here.

I got a chance to chat via phone with Miro, Marika and Toby for a few minutes so before you go check out their live set at Summer Camp, you can get to know the band here:

(BONUS: Listen to Miro and Marika's band as teenagers aka the birth of Tangerine)

What part of Seattle do you guys call home?

Miro: Well Marika and I live in the North End, like Wedgwood area. Toby lives in Leschi, like the Central District. 

Have you lived here your whole life?

Miro: We are all Seattlites, born and raised here. We all went to Nathan Hale and Roosevelt.

How did Tangerine come to be?

Marika: Miro and I kind of had a band together when we were 13 and 15 and we played EMP’s Sound-Off and Toby was at the show. He asked if he could join us and we kind of had a band in high school called The Sutures! We took a five-year hiatus and then we created a new band, Tangerine, about three years ago!

What have the last three years been like for Tangerine?

Toby: They have definitely been going in the right direction! We started out playing bars and rooms and lately have been lucky enough to play Sasquatch this year. The growth has been great!

Miro: I would say locally we just saturated the scene - played a lot of small local bills and got to know a lot of people. As we get to know people we get to play bigger venues. Then going on the road has helped. I think we’re at four tours, one of them being a month long in the full U.S.

Marika: Yeah we just did our first U.S. tour so everything is still kind of new, but locally it has been nice. Even though we are from Seattle we weren’t really part of the music scene at all. When we first started out we felt like outsiders and we didn’t really have any connections. It’s a really good community though so the last three years have been us getting to know everyone and slowly figuring out how it works! 

What was the experience with the first U.S. tour?

Toby: Our windshield broke. That was a great surprise. 

Miro: The biggest surprise for me personally was playing small towns in the Midwest and different parts of the country we had never been to before and we drew crowds! Maybe because they are small towns and people pay more attention to who is playing where? I don’t know. 

Marika: We didn’t know what to expect when we realized we were headlining but it was really fun! 

Talk about what you mean when you say you guys were outsiders in the Seattle music scene?

Miro: Our music isn’t necessarily what was coming out of Seattle. It’s a bit more melodic. It has a bit more of a pop tendency because we are really into constructing pop melodies. 

Marika: We have been calling ourselves like a West Coast band. Not necessarily identifying with one place, but the vibe of the whole West Coast. We don’t sound like Nirvana even though that’s what we listened to.

Miro: I think that’s why. We grew up with people playing Nirvana for us so it was always there. I don’t  think we take it for granted but because it was always there, we looked outward from Seattle to hear other things as well.

We are obviously excited to have you guys out for Summer Camp. What are you guys looking forward to most about the concert?

Marika: We are really excited. I don’t think we have played with any of the bands on the bill. 

Miro: We played with Kris Orlowski once or twice, but none of the other acts.

Marika: Yeah but The Dandy Warhols, Miike Snow and some of the other bands, we are really excited to experience that.

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