Ash is falling like snow across Seattle

September 5, 2017

photo by MomFromTheInternet


As Seattleites woke up to head work after a three-day weekend, many walked out to find their cars covered in a thin film of ash.

The ash is attributed to the Norse Peak Wildfire that is currently burning in central Washington just east of Crystal Mountain, which has closed due to smoke from the fire.

Not since Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980 has Seattle seen ash fall across the city like it did over Labor Day Weekend. While Seattle is socked in by smoke and got a light dusting, ash continues to fall and swirl in the air above residents on the Eastside and South King County. The ash (along with the smoke) is causing air quality issues across the Northwest, as well as some killer shots of the sun.

Did you wake up to a ton of ash on your car today? 

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