The Bands of Taco Truck Challenge

May 6, 2016


If tacos and margaritas weren't going to be enough to get you out to Taco Truck Challenge on Saturday, maybe this will. Check out the full lineup of who we have playing the Taco Truck Challenge stage this weekend! 


Although they still aren't quite old enough to enjoy margaritas in the beer garden, our April Locals Only Artist Of The Month kicks ass. Three dudes from Seattle came together to play music to blow off steam and ended up forming their band, Naked Giants. The dudes melted faces at SXSW this year and made connections with a few other local homies before coming back to Seattle to blow the roof off Chop Suey. You won't want to miss their set at Taco Truck Challenge this year.


The So Cal rockers that got their name from catapulting a jar of change through an open window of the office building across the tracks from their studio happen to also call themselves the Guac Daddys. Taco Truck Challenge seems like an event specifically created for them. You can catch them playing their hit single 'No Type,' a cover of Rae Sremmurd, this Saturday at Volunteer Park. 


Another Seattle band, Colorworks is neo-psychadelic pop from Seattle. A classic 60’s boy band in the 21st century. They are currently playing gigs around the PNW and we are stoked to have them crushing it at Taco Truck Challenge this weekend.