The best Airbnbs you can rent in Seattle

March 14, 2017


Whether you’re looking for a short vacation or a weekend staycation (I hate that word, for the record), tons of people are turning to the home rental app Airbnb as a hotel alternative, and Seattle has an interesting variety of places listed on the site.

If you aren't familiar, Airbnb allows regular folks like us to put our places up for short-term rent. It's like CouchSurfing, but for your entire place or a room. I have used the app to stay a variety of places, but until now didn’t know what was available in my own back yard.

So what are some of the coolest places Seattleites are offering up to visitors?

If you're taking a trip to Seattle or you're a local trying to find some refuge, you might try...

The rich guy loft
For $300 a night (that’s the weekend rate) you can stay in this hella classy loft in Pioneer Square. It’s a steep price to pay, but holy hell that bed’s headboard might be worth the price alone. The place is right in the heart of Pioneer Square which means it’s close to everything, though I doubt I’d want to leave the roomy, rustic loft

Boaty McBoatface
If you’re over 6’4”, you should skip to the next place on the list, but for $240 a night, you can live your Sleepless In Seattle dream and stay on a houseboat on Lake Union. This “House Barge” is parked on Lake Union (Westlake) and has running water, WiFi, heat, and a lake-level view from the foot of your bed.

A Beach House? In Seattle?
For $125 a night, stay at a certified beach house at the tip (and I mean the tip) of Alki. Right across the street from Seattle’s sand beaches (lol) is a beach house that could have been plucked from the Californian coast. The location is definitely the selling point here, but the house is the perfect spot to retire to after a late-night bonfire on the beach.

Oh you fancy, huh?
For $160 a night, wake up smelling the Space Needle’s morning breath in this Belltown high-rise studio. You can live like an Amazon Junior Executive without having to do any of the work! This place is a studio in its truest form, so don’t expect a ton of space to unwind, but it’s parked in the middle of Belltown, so you likely won’t spend too much time cozied up, anyway.

1000 sq. feet apartment on Capitol Hill for under $12087 billion
For $145 a night, dance under a disco ball in Capitol Hill. The “Dreampop Studio” is pretty fitting name for the apartment located in the heart of Capitol Hill. The rental is surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars and although it says studio, from the looks of it the space seems to be separated pretty well! This is the perfect spot for someone visiting the city who wants the true Seattle experience.

Have you stayed at an AirBNB in Seattle? Let me know what your experience was like!

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