The best (and worst) movies coming to and leaving Netflix in December

November 29, 2016


The purge is upon us. Yes, I mean that time where Netflix does its monthly update of bringing in a few movies and tossing out others like yesterday's Thanksgiving leftovers. 

December is one of those rare months that we are going to see a net positive in movie gains, so let's check out the best of what's coming and going, or check out the full list here.

IN - Beverly Hills Cop 
I will never be able to explain why Eddie Murphy was my favorite actor as a kid. Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop and Coming to America were my JAM. Not to mention, Trading Places might be one of the best Christmas movies ever. Anyway, Axel Foley is bringing justice to Netflix on December 1.

OUT - 50 First Dates
You only have a few more days to enjoy Adam Sandler trying really hard to convince Drew Barrymore that she loves him every. single. day. That is a tough task for anyone, but I am sure it's even tougher if you are Adam Sandler. Do you think she wakes up every morning and asks, "Hey, aren't you that guy from Jack and Jill?"

IN - D2: Mighty Ducks
Arguably one of the best sports movies ever made is making its way to Netflix. The less popular Sheen brother (Emilio Estevez) not only coaches his hockey team against evil Iceland, which doesn't seem all that evil in real life, but coaches his kids through life lessons like "what to do when you get famous?" and "how to properly utilize Kenan Thompson on ice."

OUT - Top Gun
This is the darkest timeline. The one where the act of watching Tome Cruise play beach volleyball is more than just a click away. Top Gun is going the way of Goose and jettisoning into the post-Netflix afterlife. Maybe your local Blockbuster still has a couple copies...

IN - David Blaine: Street Magic
I'll just leave this here.

OUT - Just Friends
Back when Ryan Reynolds was funny, not sexy, trying to win the heart of Amy Smart (who?). This is basically the plot to The Proposal in which Ryan Reynolds returns home to woo the girl he liked when he lived at home. Change Alaska to New Jersey and Sandra Bullock to Amy Smart and boom, you got it. 

IN - Harry and the Hendersons
This is a classic if you were raised in Washington State and had to take some sort of PNW Studies class in Junior High. This movie is the classic take on "what would you do if you hit Sasquatch with your car, and also you are John Lithgow." The answer is obviously to name him Harry (get it, like Hairy?! lolz) and make him your best friend/family pet. Fun fact: The guy in the Sasquatch suit also played the Predator. Predator and the Hendersons would have been a very different movie.

OUT - Spy Kids
I never watched this on Netflix, but I feel better that it's leaving. 

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