The best (and worst) movies leaving Netflix this November

What movies and shows will you miss the most?

October 25, 2016


Every month, Netflix cycles in new movies and shows while cycling out old movies and shows. It's the online-streaming circle of life.

Here are the movies you NEED to watch before Netflix destroys them and you never ever get to watch them again.*

E.T."Ellliooooott! Start watching me one more time before you forget how long this movie is when you're already 90 minutes in..."

8 Crazy NightsYou know, it's truly a shame that we are losing Adam Sandler's Hanukkah movie right before the holiday season. If you make a tradition of watching this movie every year around Hanukkah, you might need to call gram and gramps and have them bump up their flights...

Into The WildIt's your last chance to watch that movie based on that book that we all said we read to sound interesting and adventurous, but never actually did. Don't do mushrooms, kids.

Major League"In a land before Tiger Blood and Two And A Half Men, Charlie Sheen plays grown-up Squints from Sandlot in "Major League: Sandlot for Adults." 

Courage The Cowardly Dog: I hated this show when I was a kid. Absolutely hated it. Now Netflix is about to take it off and I am going to go stream every episode. "STUPID DOG!"

Equilibrium: Who knew Bruce Wayne was a sociopath so many times before becoming Batman (see American Psycho)? Equilibrium has everything. Post-apocalyptic society? Check. Anti-drug messaging? Check. Sean Bean dying despite being relatable and your favorite? Check! Who needs Lord of the Rings, Game of ThronesPatriot GamesGoldenEye, or any of the other 20 movies he dies in when you have Equilibrium?

Other movies leaving Netflix where we say "Bye, Felicia!"

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*Unless you are old and own a VHS player, you weirdos.