The best Dave Grohl moments

January 12, 2017

Dave Grohl is a living rock and roll legend at this point. From being Nirvana's drummer to fronting Foo Fighters and even forming his own supergroup in the meantime, the man knows hustle. 

Foo Fighters alone have eight albums, four EPs, six video albums, and 36 singles altogether. I said hustle, right? 

Grohl has been in the game since 1986, which leaves just over three decades to cement his place in history. These are our favorite Dave Grohl moments throughout the years.

Dave breaks his leg in Sweden, comes back to play while having cast put on (strong language)

Charles Barkley makes Grohl uncomfortable while filming SNL promos

Dave plays a demon in Tenacious D's video for "Tribute"

Foo Fighters invite random fan on stage to play drums and the fan kills it (strong language)

Grohl stops show to stop a fight, picks right back up where he left off (strong language)

Dave drum battles Animal

And of course, Dave's Nirvana story and the best birthday gift for his mom at Reading Festival

What are your favorite Dave Grohl moments? 

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