Best Green Day prank ever

January 13, 2017

Photo by PictureGroup | Courtesy of USA Today

Every year at midnight on October 1, I text my friend Chris (the guy who wrote this) a link to  "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day. When we lived together, I would walk into his room at midnight to play it on a crappy acoustic.

I thought it was the best Green Day related prank until right now.

You kind of feel bad for the guitar guy. He is legitimately trying to get good at guitar and eventually builds up the confidence to bring his friends over. As far as prank videos go, I have had enough of professional ballers dressing up like old men, husbands shooting their wives with darts, and canola oil all over the ground when the phone rings. It's all about driving someone into a slow, but deep state of madness and insecurity.

This one takes the cake.

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