Best of #ManInTree on the internet

Everything comes to an end, but Twitter helps us remember

March 23, 2016

Everything must come to an end, but for a while, we didn't know if #ManInTree was ever going to come down from his foresty perch in the middle of Downtown.

Thankfully, the bearded man came down under his own accord after nearly 24 hours of pinecone-throwing, apple-tossing, branch-ripping shenanigans. At the base level, it might seem like "Just a man in a tree," but thanks to Twitter, the man is now legend, the tree is now infamous, and #ManInTree will forever be lodged in our Seattle-loving hearts. 

Here are some of our favorite tweets about #ManInTree:

This is the Tweet that launched 1,000 ships

The homies over at KOMO 4 ruined pretty much everyone's day with live footage from a helicopter...A HELICOPTER

Kool Kieth has days, then he has DAYS. 

#ManInTree was SO CLOSE to coming down, but he just picked up a cigarette from the cops. Savage.

Lindsey, this might be the best Tweet you have ever Twitted

From one Seattle Legend to another, "Help is Coming"

See here Michael, there's a long answer and there's a short answer. The short answer is #Yes

And all of a sudden, #ManInTree decided to come down. 24 hours later after a trip to the top of the tree and into our hearts, he evolved into #ManOnGround

It was all said and done. #ManInTree is one of us and always will be. But there someone else who will take the mantle of #ManInTree?