Best #TextsWeGetAtTheEnd of the week!

Don't trust anyone or anything, not even the Horse of Marysville

April 1, 2016

Every week, we here at The End have a lot of very interesting comments, tweets and texts come into the studio and we thought it unfair to not share them with you, the good people of the internet. Here are the best #TextsWeGetAtTheEnd of the week.

1. Uh oh, the robot sith lords figured out our cell #

Uh, Gregr...I think maybe we should just give him the EndSession version of Gooey before stuff gets too serious.

2. Helping people come to terms with mortality since 1991

Care to venture a guess at what song this person was listening to? I bet it was 'Old Man on the Back Porch' by Presidents

3. Uh...I know it's April 1, but that is terrifying

This text is rather inconsequential, but the smiley face scares me....Anyone know how to block a number?

4. Oh you fancy, huh?

But I don't know if you'll be able to hear the song through the car built out of stacks of money that your driver is driving! 

5. Thank you, Horse of Marysville

This is a very pessimistic view of the world, but if you are a horse that lives in Marysville, I guess that's the outlook you gotta have.