The case to make July 5th a national holiday

July 5, 2017


The fifth of July should be a national holiday. You know it. I know it. Believe me, this is the most important thing Congress could do RIGHT NOW.

Ok, ok. there are a lot of important things Congress needs to do. Health Care, Budgets, committees and stuff, but while you're sitting at your desk after another midweek Independence Day, you are starting to think they might as well slide this bill right on through so you can walk into your boss's office, announce your independence from being at your desk and march your way home.

America's birthday deserves to be celebrated and celebrated HARD (and responsibly). It isn't every day you get to celebrate with a 241-year-old, so maybe you threw back an entire case of Rainier, or you cooked out in the sun for about six hours too long. No matter how you celebrated, every hard-working/harder-partying American deserves some R&R after too much R&R while watching the fireworks. 

Sure we're all accountable for our actions. You might even say, "It's your fault you're hungover at work, deal with it." Though you have to admit it's hard to imagine that after signing the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers didn't mic-drop their quills, throw off their powdered wigs, put on their Ray-Bans, cargo shorts and bro-tanks and start singing Springsteen.

Even the youngest person to sign the declaration, Edward Rutledge (26), probably needed a couple days to recover after the legendary after-parties at Ben Franklin's place. 

While we're at it, why don't we just add in the Monday after the Super Bowl (two days if your team threw from the one-yard-line with Marshawn Lynch on the roster), January 2, the day after Thanksgiving, and November 1.

Long story short, there are just days where collectively as a culture, we all could use a little break and I would argue celebrating America a little too much is a good reason for a day off.

My brother agrees.

What other days should we have off?

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