Catching up with The Head And The Heart after releasing new music

What can fans expect now that "All We Ever Knew" is out?

June 3, 2016

Photo by James Minchin | Courtesy of Warner Bros Records

It's been three years since we last heard new music from one of Seattle's most beloved indie-folk bands, but when a band is as good as The Head And The Heart, it is worth the wait.

After a hiatus following their second album Let's Be Still, the Seattle band released its new song "All We Ever Knew" on Thursday.

What's new in the week of music?

Their new album Signs Of Light is due out September 9 and people are already clammoring to hear more from the group's third album. We got a chance to ask vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Charity Rose Thielen about the new album and what fans and listeners can expect:

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END: Now that you guys are three albums in, what’s the feeling going in to releasing a new one? Is it starting to feel normal or do you guys still get that same excitement to be releasing new tunes?

CHARITY: This is not a conceptual album, nor do I ever see our band writing one, but this is the first album that we have written after taking a healthy amount of time off from the band. I think that break gave us a perspective on the incredible colorful journey that we have been on since we started.

END: What are your favorite songs off the upcoming album? What are you most excited for people to hear?

CHARITY: Gosh, I never can choose a favorite. I’m just really proud of this overall body of songs. For me, once you start playing them out live, I usually kind of cling to one or two songs that are my favorites, but that sort of ebbs and flows throughout the cycle.

This is definitely the best album that we have made, but I hope with every new album we can say that. It’s always a host of feelings leading to the release of new music, something that took a lot of time and work and vulnerability, then waiting to release it to people who have never heard it before brings sort of a healthy anxiety.

END: How has your sound changed over the last couple albums (if at all)?

CHARITY: When we started out, we were playing with really simple instrumentation as the intimate venues and apartment living rooms where we were writing led to more acoustic-based instrumentation. Then we transcribed those songs onto the record. But for Let’s Be Still and now Signs Of Light they were mostly written without testing them in venues, and were mostly written in the studio. There is a natural kind of layering and weaving in that context, so there’s since been a lot more sonic colors that we could draw from and you can hear that in these two studio albums.

END: What can fans expect from the live shows when you start playing the new album? What are you most excited to play live?

CHARITY: We always aim to bring it, when it comes to live shows, just energy-wise. Paul McCartney and The Boss, among other legendary live performers, play as if its the last show they will ever play. I have always been inspired by that and I aim to treat each show with that kind of sacredness and seizing of the moment. We have also grown so much as musicians and as a band and we have had some really high highs and low lows over this recording process, but I know it is meant to be and we xare a stronger band and a closer band because of it. I think that is naturally going to translate into a beautiful live show and a live show with a lot more depth.