A computer made up a bunch of fake band names and put them on the Coachella poster and the results are hilarious

January 23, 2018



Neural networks sound like something that could be pretty scary, and they could be if they weren't so damn dumb sometimes. Trying to make a computer replicate the way a human thinks sounds like a quick way to make a robot that will eventually destroy us all (go watch I, Robot).

However, the people at Botnik Studios aren't hellbent on killing us. Instead, they plugged a bunch (over 1,000) of band names into the program and told it to generate a fake Coachella lineup and the results aren't terrifying at all. They are hilarious. 

  • Horse Choir (probably related to Band of Horses)
  • Ben Sex
  • Boys Harden
  • Beth Factory
  • Bouse Glous
  • Man Mist
  • Mike Gunk
  • Don't Be Wild Less
  • U? P!
  • Lad Love
  • John Party x4

Seriously, if you have the time, you should read the rest of these.

If I'm honest, you could have told me some of these and I would have assumed they were real. When bands like Illuminati Sex Party, Sloth Herder, and Childish Gambino all exist, you have to take people at their word for the most part. 

After seeing all these, I just have one question...what kind of music would Cedargut play? Let me know on Twitter.

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