CONFIRMED: Pemberton Music Festival is canceled

May 18, 2017


CONFIRMED: The official Pemberton website now has official Bankruptcy messaging posted on the site, with info about ticket refunds (or lackthereof) 

 According to reports from multiple Canadian news outlets and now the festival website itself, Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia has been canceled and its organizers have filed for bankruptcy. 

The full Summer Camp 2017 Lineup is here, and it definitely won't be canceled

Chance The Rapper, Muse, and A Tribe Called Quest were all set to headline the event this year, which was supposed to take place July 13-16 in Pemberton, BC.

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One Canadian reporter is saying that bankruptcy is forcing the festival to close. According to a message posted on the website of the festival, no automatic refunds will be made available and the festival has no liability to provide refunds, however, it will do so for any purchasers who used a credit card, or who submit a "Proof of Claim" form via mail.

Needless to say....this isn't going over well (strong language warning).

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