Dick's is expanding to the south end with a new restaurant in Kent

September 7, 2017

Photo by Manley


Dick's is taking its talents to south beach...er...the south end.

The famous Seattle drive-in took to Facebook Live from the original location in Wallingford to announce the new location in the south end after a public vote in March decided the next Dick's should go south instead of east.

After a video taking you through all the current locations, they revealed the new restaurant will be across the street from Highline College in Kent at the corner of Pacific Highway and 242nd.

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Including the yet-to-be-built location in new south location, there will be seven locations to grab a bag of Dick's (Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Greenwood, Lake City, Queen Anne, and Edmonds). 

Those in the east shouldn't worry too much, though, as the company plans to expand again after the dust settles down south.

What do you think about the new location? Will you be grabing your Dick's there any time soon?

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