Did you see the Northern Lights in Seattle?

May 30, 2017

Photo by Ryan Bir


I was at my bachelor party on Whidbey Island this weekend and I was drunkenly standing on the bulkhead outside my roommate's family cabin, talking with my friend Ryan as we were the last two awake. Our conversation gradually began to devolve as both of us started to realize the mother f***ing Northern Lights were forming right in front of us.

Somehow, Ryan managed to grab a picture with his phone that didn't look terrible like mine. 

Photo by Ryan Bir

Yeah, like the Northern Lights. 

Just to be sure I wasn't just drunk and thinking a moonlit cloud was the Northern Lights, I pulled out my phone and googled "Seattle Northern Lights."

Apparently a lot of people around the Puget Sound saw what I saw.

I ran into the cabin to wake everyone up to go watch what was happening outside. Dylan decided he was more comfortable sleeping on the wicker swing inside.

Some of you are like Dylan and didn't see the lights. That sucks.

The Aurora has been to Seattle before, putting on a crazy show on May 7, 2016.

Did you see the Northern Lights over the PNW? Share your photos with me!

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