Drone crashes into top of the Space Needle. Time to stop with the drones.

January 11, 2017

It's time to stop with the drones. 

It seems like every wannabe cinematographer with a couple grand to drop on a camera-carrying device is rushing out to get the quadcopters, and in order to differentiate themselves, you gotta fly above the coolest stuff, but you aren't supposed to crash it into the cool stuff like this person.

On New Year's Eve as workers were getting the fireworks display ready, somebody flew their drone up and around the Space Needle only to ram it into the tip-top at the foot of the workers. Fortunately, the drone didn't topple off and down the side and, potentially, fall to the base of the needle below, but I suppose a hefty fine might be in order for the person behind the controls of the $1,700 drone if they ever come forward.

If you're going to fly these things, be smart and safe and don't run into iconic phallic buildings in the middle of populous areas, please. Thanks.

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