An Eel Truck in Oregon tipped over and people are freaking out

July 13, 2017


Yeah, you read that right. An eel truck.

On Highway 101 in Oregon at Milepost 131, a truck carrying eels that were on there way to Korea for consumption tipped over onto a sedan and spilled a bunch of the slimy sea weiners into and all over the car and the photos posted by the Oregon State Police look like they are out of a horror film.

Cleanup is underway and even that looks terrifying. THEY'RE ALIVE. 

The weird things that cause Seattle traffic.

You kind of feel bad for the eels, even though they were about to go get cooked up and eaten anyway. Naturally, people are still freaking out.

You have to feel bad for everyone here. The person who was in the car that they now have to burn to the ground. The cops who have to clean this mess up who are going to smell like eels so bad their great grandchildren will also smell like eels, the people in traffic who probably are considering never driving again if there happens to be more trucks full of eels out there, and every single person that ever sees these pictures.

My bad. 

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