The emergence and growth of Seattle band My Goodness

November 16, 2016

Photo courtesy of My Goodness | Votiv Records

Starting a band can seem a lot like planting a new garden. Sometimes you need the absolute perfect conditions to grow, and the slightest changes seem like they could doom the whole crop. You need the right nutrients and soil temperature, or in the case of a band, the right connections, personnel and places to play are needed to get your music off the ground.

The seeds of Seattle band My Goodness were first planted in 2011 and in the last five years, the conditions, and even the personnel, haven't always been the same, but the group’s musical green thumb has prevailed and set the band’s growth on a steep trajectory.

See My Goodness LIVE at Deck the Hall Ball 2016

My Goodness front man Joel Schneider started the band in 2011, but it wasn't with current drummer-turned-multi-instrumentalist Andy Lum. When things didn’t work out with the previous drummer, Joel turned to Andy, a high school friend who he had reconnected with at South By South West, and the pair started playing together for the first time in 2012.

“Our first performance was an employee band night at Neumo’s and the first response we got was better than anything I had before,” Schneider said. “We only played about four practices before that first show.”

3 bands we should be listening to, according to My Goodness:

  1. Duke Evers
  2. Superhumanoids
  3. Dude York

Those four practices and informal first show led to the band's first album in 2014 titled Shiver + Shake, which was mostly comprised of songs Schneider had composed ahead of time with little of Lum’s input.

Things are different now.

LISTEN: My Goodness - "Islands"

It's now been two years since Shiver + Shake and the band is on the verge of releasing its latest project, the Islands EP (Nov. 4 / Votiv). They also recently announced on Locals Only with Steven Graham a new, full-length album called Scavengers, due out next spring. The Islands EP includes the already-released title single, a B-side and a My Goodness cover of Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels,” which the guys debuted on Locals Only on Oct. 23.

On top of starting to grow its musical catalog, My Goodness has grown from a two-piece to a four-piece band, adding Josh Starkel and Kyle Veazey of fellow two-piece Seattle rock band called Duke Evers.

Has the shakeup in personnel changed the band’s sound? One listen to the new single is enough to answer that question.

“I think we learned a lot from Shiver + Shake,” Lum said. “Mostly for myself, was just how to look at a song after you think it’s already been finished and kind of rework it, look at it in different ways structurally and start adding different parts instead of just settling.”

“I think we took another step in the production world,” Schneider adds. “We implemented different instruments now and aren’t really holding ourselves back. [Shiver + Shake> was definitely a guitar record, and Islands and the Scavengers are definitely not. Andy and I recorded our next record this last winter and we kind of went crazy with it with synth sounds, samples and a lot more things going on."

My Goodness' favorite Seattle bars:

  1. The Bait Shop
  2. Royal Room
  3. Oak

With the new music getting ready to be released into the wild, My Goodness is also joining this year’s Deck the Hall Ball bill on December 6 with heavy-hitters Jimmy Eat World, Empire of the Sun,The Head and the Heart, Band of Horses, Phantogram, Glass Animals and COIN. It will be the first time My Goodness plays the Key Arena stage.

“We are super excited for Deck the Hall Ball,” Joel said. “We are fans of a lot of the bands we are playing with.”

Despite all the changes, My Goodness has continued to prosper throughout the last five years and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for their latest releases.

It seems like the gardening is going just fine for the emerging band.

You can grab the new EP when it is released in November, and make sure to catch their release show at Chop Suey on November 23 then again on December 6 at Deck the Hall Ball.


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