The End announces brand new Ice Cream from Full Tilt

Be the first to taste the new flavor out of 107.7 The End

May 2, 2016

Taste buds, meet Chocolate To End All Chocolates! 

Along with Full Tilt Ice Cream, we here at The End are ready to release our newest invention to the world, "Chocolate To End All Chocolates," a rich, chocolatey ice cream, swirled with fudge, chocolate chunks and gooey brownie bites.

It gets even sweeter with the knowledge that when you purchase Chocolate To End All Chocolates, a portion of the net proceeds will go to serve YouthCare Seattle.

It's kind of like if Full Tilt Ice Cream did a radio takeover...but it's ice cream, and the only thing it's taking over is your taste buds.

Your first chance to get the sweet, chocolatey goodness that is Chocolate To End All Chocolates will be May 7 at Taco Truck Challenge! You can be one of the first ever to scarf the gooey goodness down.

Don't worry, though. When you can't get enough at Taco Truck Challenge, you can find the delicious sweetness in any of the four Full Tilt Locations around the city starting Monday, May 9. Whether you're in Ballard, U-District, Columbia City, White Center, or anywhere else, you'll be able to get your mitts on Chocolate To End All Chocolates at your own convenience. 

Party on.