The End interview with COIN

Get to know the "Talk Too Much" band

August 16, 2016

Photo courtesy of COIN | Columbia Records


Fans of The 1975, Bad Suns and Walk The Moon, pay attention.

On the hunt for new music to add to the Discover & Download list, Manley came across COIN, a group formed out of Belmont University in Nashville. Since 2012, the band has been pumping out tunes and picking up a following that has already seen their single "Talk Too Much" find a lot of fans here in Seattle.

Listen live to hear "Talk Too Much" by COIN

We got a chance to ask COIN a few questions to get to know the band better.

Give us a little overview of your last few months. Have you been on the road? Recording? Writing?

We went on tour for a little while in June and did some recording for our new album as well…. We’ve been writing on and off in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. It’s been a really interesting process and we’ve definitely learned a lot about what kind of album we want to make, and also some messages that we want to convey. Trial and error at a comfortable pace is how I’d describe the last few months. We’re being selective and working with different producers that we really love and believe in. We’ve also been enjoying some time at home because we’re going to be touring a lot the rest of the year and recording more.

How long has the band been playing music and how did you first get started?

We’ve been together since September 2012. We kind of call that our first month. We met because most of us were in school at Belmont University and had mutual friends that connected us. 

What projects do you have on the horizon?

Album twooooo!

How do you approach playing live and what can people expect from your shows?

We approach every show like it’s the most important show we’ve ever played, and we’ve always been unabashedly energetic. Even when it “doesn't make sense.” We were told by someone when we first started that was how our show felt to them (there were like, 16 people there), so we figured if we could bring a raw, energetic presence to every show, we might be able to do this for a living. 

Do you have any memories playing in the Pacific Northwest that stand out?

Yes, and we love it there! It’s our favorite part of the country to drive through— especially in Fall. The air is so crisp and the scenery is so stunning. Our fondest memory would probably be when we played Marymoor Park last Summer with Walk the Moon. We were lucky to get to do a little bit of their big tour last year and the Marymoor show happened to be our last show of the Summer after touring for three months straight. There was something special about ending on a high note in Redmond.

Tell us about your band name and how it came to be?

So, the short story is…. We’re named after a Kentucky Derby racehorse that was called “Lucky Coin.” Chase found it in a big book of racehorses. This horse happened to be from his home state of West Virginia. It sounds hilarious, but hunting for that perfect one-word band name is no joke— ask anyone. We liked the word “COIN" and realized that Lucky Coin probably wouldn’t be the best (or coolest) look for a band so we shortened it to COIN, all capital letters, and here we are.

What do you hope people get out of your music?

As cliche as it may sound, we really want people that listen to our band to feel happier than they were before. We also just want people to know that we’re just like them and that we listen to music for the same reasons they do. Being bummed out is so real. Not knowing why you’re bummed out is so real. We’ve all experienced it. Even more specifically to speak to our age group: growing up is really hard, too… Getting to share our music is an opportunity to cheer people up and hopefully relate to them as well.

What bands (other than yourself) should people be listening to?

Sure Sure, Bad Suns, LANY, High Highs, and the new Blood Orange album.

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