END Q&A: AURORA working on second album

Norwegian export, AURORA, hits the Discover playlist

April 12, 2016

Glassnote Records

Norway has given us much. Fjords, superfluous 'j's, Trollhunter - all these wonderful things hail from the Scandinavian land.

It truly is the gift that keeps on giving as it's newest treasure, AURORA, has graced the Discover & Download charts with her single, 'Conqueror.'

Aurora, her birth name, started playing music as a hobby but got discovered and has a huge fan following, who call themselves the Warriors & Weirdos to show for it. We caught up with Aurora via email this week to get to know her and find out about her next steps.

Check it out:

THE END: Give us a little overview of your last few months. Have you been on the road? Recording? Writing?

AURORA: Most of the time I've been travelling. Lots In Europe and these three weeks in the states I'm doing at the moment! It's a lot of work at the time since we're promoting the album. And of course when I have time I'm also writing constantly. 

END: How long have youbeen playing music and how did you first get started?

AURORA: I've been writing songs since I was nine, but I had no intentions in taking that little hobby to a next level. That just happened. My management found me on the Internet. One of my songs got caught in its spiderweb when I was 16 in 2013. I got a band in 2014 right before I did my first festival/performance and since then - with a lot of hard work and luck, we've come where we are today. 

END: What projects do you have on the horizon?

AURORA: Second record. I can't wait to release more music. I want to do everything! I want to paint, and to dance, write books, learn languages! But first, I'll start working on my second album. 

END: How do you approach playing live hat can people expect from your shows?

AURORA: I just do what I can. And I feel what I feel when I write the songs as I sing then. It's just about telling your stories the best you can. It's all about energy. 

END: How was it playing in Seattle? Any fond memories?

AURORA: I first did my first show in Seattle a few days ago. It was very nice! Nice people, and nice strawberries. I especially liked driving there. I love looking out the windows in a car. 

END: What do you hope people get out of your music?

AURORA: Emotions. Frustrations. Tears. And joy. And connection, most of all. It's important to feel connected.

END: What bands (other than yourself) should people be listening to?

AURORA: Bjørk, Perfect Circle, Seigmen and Thea Hjelmeland.