END Q+A: with LA punk sisters, Bleached

Get to know Bleached fresh off the release of second album "Welcome The Worms"

May 10, 2016

photo by Nicole Anne Robbins | Courtesy of Secretly Canadian

Sisters Jennifer and Jessie Calvin rock. The pair put together quite the song-writing duo when they lived together in but when Jennifer moved out of Los Angeles to New York, their music project took a little hit. 

After emailing songs back and forth and Jen getting sick of LA and the process, she moved back to LA and the two formed Bleached. The duo, along with bassist Micayla, started playing shows and released their first full-length record, Ride Your Heart, in 2013 and are fresh on the heels of their latest, Welcome The Worms.

We chatted with Jennifer and Jessie about how the band came to be, their upcoming projects and playing live shows in Seattle in the latest End Q+A!

Listen to the new single from Bleached, Wednesday Night Melody

Check it out:

Give us a little overview of your last few months. Have you been on the road? Recording? Writing?

Jennifer: Hi! We just finished a US tour with our friend's band, No Parents, and now we are home for a few days before we head to Europe. I have been trying to write on the road but it's almost impossible because you rarely get any alone time. The day after being back I headed straight to the desert and camped there for a night to play some music and clear my head.

Jessie: Now that Welcome The Worms is out we're deep in the tour life. We're road dogs. 

How long have you (or your band) been playing music and how did you first get started?

Jennifer: Bleached started with Jessie (my sister) and I in 2010 as a long distance project. I had moved to New York and Jess stayed in LA. We would try and email songs or meet up to record here and there. Eventually I got sick of New York and was like, "Jess it's all or nothing with Bleached. Are you down?" And now we are on our second record! Micayla (our drummer) joined as a touring member three years ago, we met through a mutual friends, and as of now she is an official member.

Jessie: It was super hard for me to write through email. I was missing the traditional way of meeting up and jamming, so I was stoked when Jen moved back. That's how Jen and I started writing together, growing up in the valley being super isolated and playing music together. 

photo by Nicole Anne Robbins | Courtesy of Secretly Canadian

What projects do you have on the horizon?

Jennifer: Planning a 7 inch. There are some songs that didn't make the album that I want to revisit. I also want to try writing some new stuff now that I am in a different headspace. Lots of touring to come in and outside of the US, making some more music videos for Sour Candy and Desolate Town. I am really excited for everything we have ahead. 

How do you approach playing live that can people expect from your shows?

Jennifer: We have been doing this for a while now so we all know how to live in the now of the performance and create an experience with the audience. I like to focus on singing and playing my best but also having no regrets so if that means jumping into the crowd or climbing a speaker, that's what we'll do. 

Jessie: It's totally about creating the experience with the audience. Since we're playing the same songs every night with the same parts, it's important to remember that it's a whole new audience every night and we should be playing every show like its our last. 

Listen to the new single from Bleached, Wednesday Night Melody

Have you ever played in Seattle / the Northwest? Do you have any memories that stand out?

Jennifer: Yes! Seattle was one of our favorite shows this last US tour. I always love playing there because every show gets crazy and is very memorable. Once we played Capitol Hill Block Party and after we got invited to play a basement show. It ended up being insane, kids were losing their minds and I will never forget how fun that was.

Jessie: I love love Seattle! I feel like there are true music fans there. 

Tell us about your band name and how it came to be?

Jennifer: Jess and I grew up obsessing over punk bands and I thought one of the coolest things was how good their bands names were. So I was trying to think really hard of a name that should of existed in the late 70's early 80's punk days but never did and the name "Bleached" came to mind. Still stoked on our band name like I could never get bored of it.

Jessie: Were constantly still bleaching things too like.. Our hair, jean jackets , a band shirt... Etc...

What do you hope people get out of your music?

Jennifer: The lyrics are really important to me because it took a lot of emotional energy to share them. When people tell me a song has helped them through a tough time in their life it touches my heart. I also want people to feel the way I feel when i listen to my favorite bands, like feel some type of way... like makes your heart drop.

Jessie: When I first heard Hendrix solo in the song "little wing" it had felt like someone put there hand on my shoulder and started guiding me through life telling me it's all going to be ok. I hope listening to our music people can tackle any problems or insecurities they have. Give them a boost of confidence! 

What bands (other than yourself) should people be listening to?

Jennifer: There are a lot of good bands right now! We love The Orwells, Whitney, No Parents, Swmrs, Gothic Tropic, Sheer Mag, Downtown Boys, Father John Misty, Ty, Feels, and Soko.