END Q&A: The Wild Wild

April 18, 2016

Sitting in Illinois, an 18-year-old musician packed up his car and headed West. He reached California, went to Venice Beach, ditched the car and with just a handful of personal items, started hitchhike up the West Coast, eventually he hit Santa Cruz and stopped.

The Wild Wild, as he calls himself, had quite the journey before getting discovered in 2014, though before the adventure and wanderlust that led him to the The Golden State, a family of musicians in the midwest seeped him in the art of music.

You may have heard his song "When We Were Young" while watching a commercial about visiting Orlando, but it's just the tip of the iceberg into who he is.

We got a chance to sit down with The Wild Wild to talk about family and future plans for releasing music.

Check it out:

END: When did The Wild Wild start?

THE WILD WILD: It’s a super long story, but when I was young my family was very musical. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad playing fish fries and my grandma playing accordion – PBR flying everywhere. Before The Wild Wild I had tons of other musical projects, but in 2014 I really started writing songs and everything started vibing and I put out a self-titled EP and got signed.

END: How has taking that next step been for you so far?

THE WILD WILD: It’s been awesome! The biggest thing is having someone else believe in you so whole-heartedly. I believed in myself for a long time so to have that kind of support allows me to rest a little bit. We have a ton of songs recorded, but I think we are just focusing on one at a time. Some of my songs have full narratives just on their own and I feel like people can connect with each one.

END: What’s the next step? Tour? Full album? Where does The Wild Wild go next?

THE WILD WILD: It’s been really busy, but awesome still. The plan is by summer to go full throttle. We have been in the studio so long and the mindset from going from recording to playing live, you have to switch gears. We have a couple small things lined up, private events and things like that, but I am sure we’ll make a trip out to the West Coast at some point!