The End Remembers: JP from the street team reflects on his journey to The End

August 22, 2016

Photo by Mat Hayward

As The End turns 25, we have been collecting memories from listeners about the 25 years of New Music Discovery, badass concerts, favorite on-air hosts and even The End's Beach House (remember that?).

One of those memories came from JP, a member of the hard-working Seattle Street Team for The End, a guy you have probably seen running around taking care of business like few can.

Check out the story JP sent us as The End turns 25:

- - - - - -

Hey Branden, 

I saw you were looking for stories. Here's mine:

As a teenager, I'd sneak late at night and listen to Loveline with Dr. Drew as I did my homework keeping the volume down. I remember the EndSessions being unplugged and one of the coolest things even though they were the songs I knew, but they also seemed so different. 

One day I happened to be walking outside of Southcenter Mall where there was a huge tent blowout sale for Car Toys. That's when I met Grace from the street team. She asked me if I wanted to go to Warped Tour. I said, "Yeah!" She paused and said, "Will you actually?" I said, "Yeah," again, so she gave me a gigantic swag bag full of Devil Wears Prada CDs, stickers and tickets. 

Fast-forward a couple years and I started working as press at Warped Tour, taking photos and running a booth for my college radio station dedicated to the genre. I became the Promotions Director, then Program Director, trying to counter-program against the bigger stations, playing locals before anyone else while constantly giving away tickets. I hosted a specialty show where I tried to showcase the softer side of punk to help people discover new bands. I became obsessed looking for the latest cuts and seeing what the market was up to.

That's when I decided to go bigger. I asked Cody if The End needed help with promotions. I knew Cody through his band, having hosted them on campus for our own music festival, Gatorfest. I had run into him at tons of concerts since and I wanted to take the next step.

I had run into Grace again as our sound engineer and ended up working with her on EndSessions, not realizing she set me on a broadcasting pathway back in the day until I saw her post a photo from eight years ago with the street team of her era. I recognized her immediately. I found her event recap form from the event she gave me tickets to. 

Suddenly, instead of being broke and jealous when my teenage friends were able to go to Deck the Hall Ball eight years ago and I wasn't, I got to be the one reaching out and finding fans and make their dreams come true by giving away meet-and-greets for their favorite artists like Twenty One Pilots and Death Cab For Cutie. 

Seeing their face light up like Christmas morning is one of the best feelings in the world. 

It's so surreal that I've gone full circle and work for the station that introduced me to Phoenix, Metric, Muse, Weezer, Chastity Belt, Death Cab for Cutie, and to grunge, and that played all of my favorites like Green Day and Blink 182, The Killers, Radiohead and more.

I love working here. Entering zero emissions studios feels more like home. It is not like any other job. Talking with listeners face to face is awesome because I'm one of them. I feel the same way. It's never the same day and it's amazing.

- Jean-Pierre "JP"