EndSessions: Saint Motel at the Gibson Showroom (2016)

September 29, 2016

Supported by Elysian Brewing Company:

There aren't a lot of bands that can really get a Seattle crowd dancing. You'll see a lot of synthy, energetic and fun bands come to town and sometimes play to a crowd of people too cool to dance, or maybe we're just really into the music?

Either way, Seattleites can be a tough crowd. That's why when a band comes to town that gets everyone dancing, you know you have something special.

That was the case with Saint Motel. The band dropped a new, aptly-titled single, "Move," off their upcoming album Saintmotelivision (Oct. 21) and it rips. Their EndSession performance was fun on it's own, but when they hit the Paramount that evening, the crowd was absolutely bonkers.

If you can keep your feet still while listening to it, you have something wrong with you. 

Watch Saint Motel's EndSession version of "Move."

They also played "My Type" off their last album, which you can watch here.