Everything we want to see in the Seahawks vs. Lions playoff game this Saturday

January 6, 2017

Photo by Troy Wayrynen | USA TODAY Sports


Saturday is a big day for the Seahawks. After a season of mixed results, the Hawks have the Lions at home in the Wild Card round to see who will move on in their quest to the championship in February 

The thing is, everyone and their mother expects the Seahawks to win this one pretty easily as they mount their run to make it ALL. THE. WAY. for the third time in four years. Seattle is 7-1 at home this year, Detroit is on a 3-game losing skid and haven't won a playoff game in 20 years. Sounds like a foregone conclusion.

But as they say, you never know what can happen. "They" are right. Anything can happen. The Seahawks had a game end in a tie this year. It was dumb. 

If everything goes well, here's everything we WANT to happen on Saturday night against the Lions:

1. Seahawks win (duh)
Obviously. Nothing else matters unless this happens.

2. Jon Ryan throws, receives, and rushes for three separate touchdowns
The highlight of any Seahawks game is whenever Jon Ryan is on the field and the ultra-highlight is whenever Jon Ryan gets to do football plays that don't include punting, like throwing and catching and getting knocked TF out like the rest of the football players (I actually hate that part of football). This weekend, I hope he gets to be a part of a touchdown, then he celebrates by ripping off his helmet to reveal his sick red mullet he grew back for the playoffs like the true Canadian he is.

3. Richard Sherman flips everyone the bird for 30 minutes straight during the post-game press conference
You know, this might be the most likely thing to happen this Saturday. Lately, the media has been all over Sherm for his interactions with the press and not all of the criticism is unwarranted, but the man has never been scared to share how he feels in the past. Marshawn 2.0 might be upon us soon.

Photo by Troy Wayrynen | USA TODAY Sports

4. Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford finally reveals that it was weed and Doritos all along that made him the elite QB he is today
C'mon. If you saw this picture and thought to yourself "there's no way this guy plays professional sports unless it's bowling," you wouldn't be alone. To me, it looks like Stafford walked off the set of Silicon Valley and asked the Lions if he could play and when they said yes, he said "noice."

Photo by Daniel Shirey | USA TODAY Sports

5. Marshawn comes back to "Beast Quake" another Wild  Card round
Yeah, it was a Wild Card game back in 2010 when Marshawn beasted through the New Orleans defense on his way to scoring an insane TD when the fans caused an earthquake. As much as causing earthquakes sounds like the worst thing we could possibly do right now, Marshawn coming back to destroy an entire defense would be pretty great. 

"Uh oh, might be trouble"

What do you hope happens on Saturday? Let me know what you think on Twitter.


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