Get to know Kaleo, Hey Marseilles and Tangerine

June 1, 2016

Three more bands were just added to the lineup for Summer Camp 2016 at Marymoor Park! You have probably heard these guys playing over the airwaves, but you can get to know them a bit better right here.

Tickets to Summer Camp 2016 are available here.


  • Best friends since attending elementary school in Iceland, Kaleo started playing music at 17 years old and started making waves in 2012.
  • "Kaleo" means "The Sound" in Hawaiian, which is something we'll be sure to ask them about when they come this august.
  • Played a sick music video inside a volcano in iceland that you probably can't pronounce.


  • Based out of Seattle and has been the Locals Only Artist of the Month three times.
  • Self-produced first two albums, worked with Yeezus producer for third album, the self-titled Hey Marseilles.
  • Played a couple EndSessions, including a recent show at Stoup Brewing in Ballard.


  • Tangerine is made up of sisters Marika and Miro Justad, Toby Kuhn, and Ryan Baker.
  • Another local band, Tangerine was the Locals Only Artist of the Month in June 2015.

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