Goodbye, sweet EMP


November 15, 2016

Actual conversations you have every time someone visits Seattle:

THEM: "What's that thing under the Space Needle?"
YOU: "That's the EMP"
THEM: "Oh, what does that stand for?"
YOU: "Well it used to be Experience Music Project, but now it's just EMP I think?"
THEM: "Is it supposed to look like something?"
YOU: "...."

The EMP is definitely a sight to see in Seattle, but it won't be the EMP for much longer.

The "Experience Music Project," named in honor of Seattle native The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, is changing its name, and focus, and will from now be called the Museum of Pop Culture, or MoPOP for short.

It's actually the museum's fifth name change since it opened in 2000.

Apparently, the change has been in the works for a decade as the museum still hosts music, but expanded into other genres and exhibits like the World of Wearable Art and the Star Wars exhibit. 

At least the new name might fit the way the museum looks now.

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