Google search for 'My Eyes Hurt' skyrockets immediately after solar eclipse

August 22, 2017

Photo by Lauren Petracca | Courtesy of USA Today


As the moon completed its path between the sun and Earth, casting its shadow across the U.S., thousands of Americans and eclipse chasers returned to their computers and phones, went to and searched, 'My Eyes Hurt.'

Google statistics for "Why do my eyes hurt".

LISTEN: Your Solar Eclipse Soundtrack

Viewing that much sunlight during an eclipse can cause severe retinal damage, though no more than if you were to casually stare at the sun on any other day.

Before Monday, you couldn't even mention the eclipse without somebody mentioning the fact that you need extra-strength eclipse sunglasses to be able to look up into the sun. For some reason we needed a reminder that staring directly into the sun is a bad idea...

Apparently not enough people heeded the warning as the Google search for 'my eyes hurt' reached an all-time high just minutes after the Google search for 'solar eclipse' peaked.

Even some of our world leaders couldn't resist the urge to look up before putting on their special glasses.

At least you can say you weren't alone if you tried to just sneak a quick peek out of the corner of your eye without

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