How to stop package thieves the Tacoma way

December 20, 2017

There's nothing worse than getting robbed. Well, maybe not nothing, but getting robbed definitely sucks, especially when what was stolen from you was meant to be a gift for someone else.

Unfortunately, that's all too common these days when so many of us do our holiday shopping (and most other shopping) online. Fortunately, a Tacoma resident has taken protecting his stuff into his own hands.

He scares the s*** out of the thieves. 

Jaireme Barrow, inventor of "TheBlankBox" created a contraption that fires 12-gauge shotgun blanks when a package is lifted from it.

"I was thinking, how could I scare them and make them drop my package and then never come to my front porch again," he said in an interview with the Washingon Post.

Even better is that Jaireme uploads video after video of would-be thieves attempting to steal from him and crapping their pants when they think they are being shot at for real.

Being the good samaritan that he is, Jaireme decided to make and sell more Blank Boxes on his website, but they sell out quick. 

Would you try something like this to protect your stuff?

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