Interactive visualization tool breaks down top Spotify streams

September 27, 2016


Ever wonder how all those Spotify streams stack up over time? If not, somebody else did and they took it upon themselves to create a new interactive visualization tool so you can find out all kinds of cool data about your favorite genres, bands and who is crushing the Spotify game in general.

The data only spans back to July 2015, so while the data isn't totally representative, you can see a few very interesting takeaways within the last year and change.

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Here's what we found out.

  • Canadians are killing it right now. The top seven streamed songs since July 2015 are split between Drake, Bieber and The Weeknd. Drake holds the top spot with "One Dance" which has 256 million streams since the data began being collected.
  • Twenty One Pilots are the true crossover band. Who doesn't love those guys? They hold two spots in the top 26 with "Stressed Out" reaching 14 with 153 million streams and "Ride" reaching 26 with 123 million streams.
  • People really like songs played in C#. There were 2.6 billion streams for songs in that key. This isn't that interesting, but data is cool, man.

The Alternative category (which spans far and wide these days) was dominated, unsurprisingly, by Coldplay and The Lumineers who both dropped new albums in the data span. Coldplay's "Adventure Of A Lifetime"  tied with The Lumineers' "Ophelia" for the top Alt spot with 39 million streams each. 

Check out the full data set here and let us know what you find interesting on Twitter

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