It looks like the Real World is coming back to Seattle!

Remember when they were interns here at the station?

June 3, 2016

It looks like we might be getting some new neighbors at the 107.7 The End studio!

Back in 1998, MTV's "Real World" came to Seattle where the cast lived on Pier 70 and held part-time jobs right here at 107.7 The End. Now, it looks like the show could be coming back.

After 18 years, a whole new cast is prepared to move in to Capitol Hill for another season hosted right here in Seattle.

The show has just started working on a space in the heart of Capitol Hill on 12th Avenue. It's only a 20 minute walk from the studios here at The End, btw.

What do you think? Should The End take on a few adult interns to pick up the chores around the studio? Let us know in the comments below