It's time to start pouring your beer with a little more foam

August 18, 2017


Is it time to start allowing more foam in our beers when we pour them ourselves?

If you're like me, you've been taught that "too much head" on a beer is a bad thing, but it might actually be better for you (or at least your belly), according to Business Insider, who got a real beer 'sommolier' to weigh in on the topic.

Apparently that "perfect pour" with the glassy top on your beer means all the carbon dioxide in the bottle or tap is trapped in the beer still, meaning when a couple spicy chicken wings touch down into your stomach and stirs up that carbonated mess, that carbonated mess makes you feel bloated and gassy, and nobody likes a farty drinking buddy.

While it may seem uncool when you pour your next beer at a party, at least you have a new party trick - being the annoying pretentious person at parties who spends more time explaining beer than they do drinking it.


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