Jack White releases two brand new songs and a music video

Also announces album with single "Connected By Love"

January 10, 2018

Photo by David James Swanson

The wait for new music from Jack White is over. The Third Man Records rocker a new blues/soul-heavy song, "Connected by love," with an accompanying video Wednesday morning.

The video follows different sets of characters after hearing news of a fictional apocalyptic event as an object from space approaches Earth. White himself lights a cigarette and hangs out in an empty hotel room to sing the track.

Along with "Connected by Love," White released a second, more experimental new track, "Respect Commander." The second half of the track enters more familiar Jack White territory, but between this and "Connected by Love," it appears his new album will definitely be different. Listen below.

On top of having a new album due out later this year (no release date yet), he is one of the headliners at Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta alongside Queens of the Stone Age and The National.

Explore Third Man Records with Jack White as Your Tour Guide

White has long been teasing new music, including the 4-minute "Servings And Portions From My Boarding House Reach," a mashup of music released in early December that you can assume includes music from songs on his upcoming album, Boarding House Reach. 

White's been busy in the four years since his last solo record. He has opened a vinyl plant, ran his record label, produced a documentary, and released another Dead Weather album. That's more than most would do with even more time, but White seems to be on another plane.

What do you think of "Connected by Love"?

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