JR JR may have put out the best politically-inspired song this election season

January 19, 2017

In this current political season that has truly felt more like an endless winter, activists and artists on both sides of the aisle have felt the call to arms to create, inspire, and innovate in order to have their views expressed. Such is the tradition of art leading up to, or in the wake of, an election.

Plenty have focused on the anti-Trump sounds that have dominated most of the discussion. Death Cab for Cutie released their song "Million Dollar Loan" and even more recently, Gorillaz broke their six-year hiatus to release "Hallelujah Money" on the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration. 

None of the new music, though, has struck me like JR JR's "Change My Mind," which was released on Thursday along with a lengthy note from frontman Daniel Zott. You can listen below, and go to the video on YouTube to read the note.

I had the pleasure to meet Daniel at Summer Camp 2016 and talk to him about his foster son who is African American and the challenges and joys that came with bringing up a child while also on tour with his band. In the note, Daniel references how "colorblindness" is unhelpful for truly understanding race issues and social injustice in the United States and how we must take greater steps in understanding each other if we are ever to achieve justice or peace.

On top of all of that, "Change My Mind" is a simply beautiful song. 

What do you think about what Daniel and JR JR have to say?

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